Orhan Güner


As the Vefa family, we have been working with enthusiasm to add value to the economy of our country with the exports we have made and to introduce our own sector to innovations since the day we were established. Our group is in its 32nd year; It develops qualified solutions for the needs in different cultural and climatic conditions with its ability to produce buildings over 5 million square meters ranging from construction sites to emergency living areas, from permanent residences to hotels, hospitals, offices and similar structures in 5 continents and 120 countries. With the knowledge and field experience we have gained so far, we continue to develop designs based on the building system and construction, and contribute to the progress of the pre-engineered building sector.

We introduced the light steel construction system to our country for the first time at the construction fair we attended in 2000. With the work we have done over the years, we have been an important factor in the preference of light steel systems by public institutions, municipalities and universities. At the point we have reached today, we are very happy to see the interest shown in the light steel construction system and to see this construction system adopted by more people, institutions and projects. In steel structure systems, we are working to go beyond international standards. We closely follow developments in the field through our visits to countries where the system is widely used. As a group that knows the value of raising experts, engineers, architects and qualified technical staff for the sector, I would like to underline that it is very important for us to bring master's and doctoral theses to the academic world. We have gathered the fruits of our 32 years of steady work in the development of the sector, as the solution partner of emergency hospitals, university buildings and state-supported village houses projects during the pandemic period.

We devoted our attention to the development of our industry with all our devotion, giving life to new products, and developed numerous trademarks and patent applications. Today, we owe our ability to build hospitals, schools, military camps, permanent residences, emergency aid units and construction site buildings with different construction systems, to our production of composite panels, special construction profiles, which are indispensable components of the pre-engineered construction sector, and to our fibercement board factory. In 2014, we brought our fibercement board factory to our country's economy. We feel the responsibility and justified pride of contributing to the development of the sector by bringing a different perspective to facade cladding with our fibercement boards that extend the life of buildings and save energy with insulation.

It is not possible to say that the world that has witnessed the difficulties of the pandemic process will be the old world that we know now. We are aware that the change and redesign of living spaces is an inevitable process in front of us in this period when our ways of living and doing business are changing. In this new process ahead, we are reviewing the design and applications in building systems. We think that it is of strategic importance to establish building systems that can address the whole world and respond to expectations during and after the change process we live in.

As the Vefa family, we continue to work on how we can contribute to the pre-engineered construction sector to become a pioneer in the construction sector worldwide, with our knowledge and experience we have gained in 32 years, and we continue to work to develop the sector. We continue our way with the enthusiasm and excitement of the first day, with our 4 brands and 2 different production facilities, which include the components of the pre-engineered building system; We look to the future with hope, with the value we place on knowledge, technology and innovation.

Orhan Güner / Chairman of the Board