Vefa Holding handles the demands coming from the market as the optimisation activities, which would provide cost, quality and application advantages, under the light of innovative thinking. In this way, it can provide competitive advantage by bringing in new products for the sector.


Key for the sustainability; “Innovation”

Vefa considers the innovation as the key for the sustainability. Vefa, which believes that innovation is such an important and key concept that it could not be fitted in R&D and in Product Development departments, handles the innovation as part of the corporate culture. Vefa, which provides for the innovative approaches to penetrate in all of the processes and departments of the establishment in that way, is conscious of the fact that this is inevitable in order to be able to response with the same speed to the customer requirements and expectations that changes very fast together with the improvement of the standards.

Vefa Holding, which considers that the innovation is the key for sustainability at each phase and also which considers that it has the duty of being a protective shield against sudden changes and influnces that could unsettle establishments, has put the innovation as the most important part of the corporate culture since the first day time it has been grounded. Vefa, which attaches the new products and technologies it had brought in to the sector for the last 24 years and the success it had achieved in corporate terms to the innovative thought system, saves itself in this respect being a organisation that becomes clumsy as it grows.

The innovation process, which mainly starts with the determination of requirements and expectations of the customers, transforms in to an discovery marathon at Vefa by nature. All of the work processes, products and services that are providedare handled by first looking at them through the perspectives of the customers.

The Innovation and Technology Development department, which is located at the headquarters of Vefa, is supported at the highest level. A large team of people, where engineers, architects and industrial designers who have also had successes in works in the academic levels are employed in the department, where its duties include to conduct innovation activities by providing interaction with all of the departments available within the establishment. In addition, cooperation is established with consultants and with academicians and it is provided that they contribute to the innovation process.