Angel İnvesment

Vefa Holding wants to combine its strength with entrepreneurs, who have innovative ideas and projects, and to whom it may transfer know-how by means of angel investment system. Vefa is ready to support all projects, whose success and benefits it believes in.

Young entrepreneurs are under the wings of Vefa

Vefa, which tends to angel investment in order to evaluate and support good ideas with its knowledge and experience of 25 years, paves the way for young entrepreneurs. Vefa, which considers supporting entrepreneurial young people as a duty, shall contribute to the ideas and projects, in which it believes to be successful.Vefa expects that the enterprises, in which it invests, contribute to the country, environment and humanity and prioritize the values added to be provided. Moreover, it aims to support the entrepreneurs internationally overstepping the limits of the country.

Vefa, which completes its preparation to support entrepreneurship projects up to 1 million Turkish Liras within the forthcoming 3 years, aims at reaching the amounts achieved in the first three years annually by adopting angel investment as a corporate culture.

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