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02 June 2021 Wednesday
Vekon Started 300 Steel Houses Project in Artvin/Yusufeli!
Vekon, Vefa's brand operating in the prefabricated building sector, continues its projects without slowing down with its 30 years of experience and exports to more than 100 countries.

Turkey's highest when completed; With the relocation of the village houses around the Yusufeli Dam, which will be the third highest dam in the world, to two different villages of the district, a safe environment will be created for our citizens to feel comfortable. Within the scope of the project, Vekon started the production, shipment and assembly of 300 steel houses in two different villages of Artvin/Yusufeli district. 260 of the residences will be implemented as 3+1 and 130 m², and 40 of them as 2+1 and 90 m².