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12 April 2021 Monday
Nestavilla was at the 43rd Building Fair with its New Product "Tiny House"!
Nestavilla, the brand of Vefa that offers practical ready-made housing solutions, participated in the 43rd Building Fair held in Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on April 06-09, 2021 with the new design of the R&D and design center "Tiny House".

The tiny house project, which was produced in just 1 month with Vefa's 30 years of experience and expertise, has dimensions of 2.55 x 7 meters and a height of 4 meters from the ground. The dimensions of the house are designed in accordance with the highway regulations. The house with a total weight of 2.800 kg can be easily towed with a 4x4 vehicle. The interior layout of the house, which has a total usage area of ​​23 square meters, is in the form of a bathroom, open kitchen and living area on the ground floor. The bedroom is solved with a mezzanine. There are 3 solar panels and 1 heat panel on the roof of the house. Solar panels supply the house's own electricity, while the heat panel provides hot water. Thanks to panel systems, the house generates its own electricity and no extra system is required. One of the most important issues is that when you buy this house, you do not have to obtain a building license for your land. By licensing the tiny house, you can easily use your house wherever you want, where there is no zoning permit. Nestavilla offers its engineering certificate to its customers regarding the license. Swedish pine was used on the exterior of the house and bathrooms, and poplar plywood was used on the interior, kitchen and under-stairs cupboards.

With the assurance of Vefa, you can have the opportunity to stay in nature and in the comfort of a villa in non-zoned areas, protected areas and camping areas by obtaining a license only for your home.