Energy Technologies


Inogen is a Vefa Holding company, which provides integrated solutions in prefabricated construction to Turkey and to the world for over a quarter century. Inogen undertakes the construction of power plants using the capabilities offered by Vefa Holding and its associated trademarks. As a fundemental principle, Inogen uses this leverage to develop energy technologies which will enable personal and social benefits and environmentally-friendly production models.

Inogen develops special projects for housing, corporations, and investors and offers these projects to its solution partners with numerous advantages. With Inogen's expertise and the support of Vefa Holding, Inogen undertakes the project, production, and installation stages and distinguishes itself from its competitors in the industry with cost-effective, fast, innovative, and environmentally-friendly energy solutions. The solutions that Inogen offers are aimed at serving the development of the country, the environment, and the maximum benefit of project stakeholders.

For more information www.inogen.com.tr