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29 December 2017 Friday
Vefa Increases Its Power In Abroad
Vefa, which takes place in many points of the world with its projects, prefabricated constructions and products, sends products and services to 96 countries. Vefa, who makes know how export, plans to concentrate on this field in 2018. Vefa increases its power in abroad


 Vefa Holding expands its export markets. Vefa Holding Chief Executive Officer Turan Kocyigit stated that they sent their solutions, products and services to 96 countries and Vefa is activated in Turkic Republics, Middle East, Gulf and Africa. Kocyigit, who says that they are included in the first most successful 1000 exporter companies explained by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA), states that they export know how as well as product export. 


Kocyigit, who reminds that they have recently signed a contract to establish a factory equipped with cutting-edge technologies to construct prefabricated buildings in Afghanistan across the country, states that Vefa will establish a factory in Afghanistan by exporting know how. Kocyigit, who expresses that they start shipping and field installation of the machines to be used in the factory as a first stage, notifies that there will be such works in Afghanistan after Algeria. 


Turan Kocyigit, who states they have companies in Qatar, Gabon and Dubai, says that they have franchises and solution partnerships in many countries. Kocyigit said, “We have high brand recognition in Middle East, Africa. Our branding process in abroad with Turquality Program, for which we have been accepted last year, accelerates more. We focus on Ethiopia, Indonesia and UAE countries with this program. On the other hand, we perform marketing of that region with a company established by our distributorship named Vekon MiddleEast in Dubai. We have a company named Vekongulf, with which we have partnership with a construction company active in Qatar, and subsidiary local franchises. 


The aim is South America countries 


Turan Kocyigit, who explains that they will concentrate on South American countries next year, notifies that they have received the first order from Argentina in this context and they have started shipping. Kocyigit says, "We will deliver the project by performing installations in 2018." 


Kocyigit, who emphasizes that they have expanded export markets by the fairs they have attended abroad and they have increased their power in the world market, says they have attended Cameroon Construction and Construction Materials fairs with BAU Germany, Ghana Build, The Big 5 Construction Indonesia this year. Kocyigit, who expresses that they have encountered with intense interest, says that they exhibit innovative products together with present projects.


Kocyigit says, “The fairs are important as more people are reached and this is made real by the participation of the companies from the same sector in a professional platform. It keeps the sector dynamic."