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06 May 2015 Wednesday
The world is safer with Vekon!
Providing products and services to more than 70 countries and engaging in the initial of great construction and infrastructure projects, Vekon procured the debut of its Armored Modular Units at the 12th IDEF International Defence Industry Fair. The Armored Modular Units manufactured at EU standards consist of cabins and containers rather used for security cabin or patrol station purposes.

As a Vefa brand being the solution partner of great construction companies, Vekon participated in the 12th IDEF International Defence Industry Fair that was held under the auspices and support of the Ministry of National Defence and under the administration and liability of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.

Vekon presented its Armored Modular Units specifically manufactured for regions being open to attacks and entertaining life safety risks at the fair organized at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center during the time between May 5-8. Minister of National Defence İsmet Yılmaz also visited Vekon’s booth.

Vekon’s Director General Özgül Yücel stated that the Armored Modular Units, which will be used for purposes of protecting against threats, debuted for the first time at the IDEF Fair. Indicating that the Armored Modular Units consist of cabins and containers rather used for security cabin and patrol station purposes, Yücel gave following information with regards to their innovative products called Armored Modular Units:
“Armored Modular Units are preferred for purposes of ensuring the life safety of and providing a convenient work environment for personnel in units such as military buildings, embassies, consulates, bank centers, patrol stations, police stations, international congress centers, private sector buildings and government agencies. Furthermore, buildings such as dormitories, mess, and offices in workers’ camps being a part of construction projects conducted in regions open to attacks as well as military encampments, petroleum exploration camps and mining camps established in similar areas are also built through the combination of armored containers. The equipment, interior design and security standards of Armored Modular Units differ in accordance with the intended purpose of use and the security threat levels of the region they will be used in. Particularly Armored Modular Units used in areas far away from residential zones can also be used independently of energy grids by means of solar panel, fuel cell and lithium-ion battery supplements.

Production at international standards

Emphasizing that the armor materials used in the Armored Modular Units are manufactured in pursuance of the EN 1063 Ballistic Standard, i.e. being an EU standard, Özgül Yücel stated that the steel construction used as a bearing structure in the Armored Modular Units is coated with armor steel or a ceramic armor material for armoring purposes. Indicating that the windows and doors also feature properties ensuring the same security level, Yücel stated that shooting culverts, ventilation holes and floodlight projectors enabling the illumination of far-distant areas are available in these units. Yücel mentioned that the personnel inside the units may react easily to any attack by virtue of the design and she stated further that also a siren is mounted on the top of the relevant unit in order to throw the attacker into a state of panic at the point of an attack and to warn the vicinity. Yücel said, “Galvanized structural steel is used as the construction system. As the material used as facing inside and outside the unit consists of fibrocement board plates featuring the non-flammability characteristics of Class A1, it can be easily removed and replaced in any case of damages. Moreover, if required, the armored units are also used independently of energy grids by adding solar panels and fuel cells or lithium-ion energy storage units, which are placed on the roof”.

An armored container can be constructed with a height of up to three storeys

Indicating that a 2.4 x 6 meter dimensioned armored container, i.e. a model of the Armored Modular Units, is manufactured in two different ways, Özgül Yücel expressed that these armored containers, which can be transformed into a dormitory building with a height of up to three storeys when being combined, are also fabricated as empty rooms. Yücel said, “Rather in case of utilization of single-units, however, armored containers including also a WC and washroom, where the personnel on duty may meet their needs, are manufactured.

Armored cabins can also be designed with various dimensions

Upon stating that the armored cabins are designed with various dimensions as to suit the intended purpose of use and the requirements of the respective user, Yücel indicated that the armored cabins are available as three different types. Furthermore, Yücel said, “The cabin is fitted to be carried by means of a crane or a forklift”.