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25 August 2016 Thursday
Each day number or companies increase which make investments in solar energy that Turkey has a significant potential. Considering the increasing energy need and potential in solar energy, Inogen is one of the companies to focus on this area and continues its activities

The everyday increasing demand for energy and need for clean energy sources, make renewable energy flashing in the sector.  Among the renewable energy sources which allow the establishment of sustainable energy economy, the interest in our country is focusing on solar energy. Vefa Holding, which has been working on solar energy systems for special implementations since 2006, made a fast entry to sector with Inogen brand.

Director General of Inogen, Dr. Engineer Ali Murat Soydan stated they continued their activities as investor and EPC and construction manufacturer in the area of solar energy. Giving information about their activities, Soydan said, "We develop energy projects for investors of unlicensed electricity production and present key-turn solutions for final users. With the service centers in Central Anatolia, South Eastern Anatolia and Aegean regions where unlicensed electricity production is mainly focused, we aim to make projects of most of the power plants that are planned within 3 years. On the other hand, we develop technological solutions for residences to have independent energy sources and prepare finance possibilities for facilities with high energy consumption. For institutional buildings, we present completely independent energy sourced solutions with storing units connected with networks.

Construction phase was initiated in Isparta investment

Evaluating ther six-months works, Ali Murat Soydan said they took design and manufacture approvals of all construction and connection equipments of Solar Frontier Company that make thin film solar cell manufacture and American First Solar as the biggest EPC company and thin film panel manufacturer. Stating they have achieved the status of being approved manufacturer and partner in Turkey, Soydan declared they had completed all licenses of 13.2 MW Isparta investment which they had undertaken both investment and EPC services. Soydan said they were now at the stage of construction and continued as follows: "At the same time, in the first six months of 2016, with our special designs developed especially by using advantages of our 25 years of experience on steel processing and accounting, we also realized construction purchase and installation of 15 MW solar power plant. As Inogen, we continue to work as solution partner in projects of investment and EPC companies due to our superiorities on projects, installation, repair and maintenance with our more than 20 installation teams who have undertaken steel installation at more than 80 countries.